July 19
You Will Reap Your Harvest in Just the Right Time
“Let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up” (Galatians 6:9).
Between the then and the now — or the now and the what’s coming next — there is always a delay. This irritates most people: to make a deposit or an investment or a plan and not have it instantly come to fruition.
Fruit ripens slowly. Would you rather eat a vine-ripened tomato or one that has been picked green and then gassed to turn it red? There’s no comparison between a vine-ripened tomato, which was allowed to grow slowly, and a tomato that was picked prematurely. If you pick too soon, you miss the flavor.
In money management, you always reap in a different season than you sow. And by the way, not all fruit ripens at the same time. When you grow peaches, they’re not all ripe at once. They come in little by little; you pick a few a day. When you start planting and following God’s money management principles, you’re not going to get a windfall tomorrow. It’s going to come in over time. You’re going to have to wait to reap in a different season.
But while you’re waiting, God is working. When you’re waiting for the fulfillment of the efforts or money or energy that you’ve put into something, you may think nothing’s happening.
Oh, it’s happening! While that seed is hidden in the ground, it is slowly germinating. And when that seed bursts with God’s blessing on it, it will continue growing and growing. One day a little shoot will stick up out of the ground, and then you will see that it’s working.
But until then, you need to trust that God is working — even when you can’t see the fruit of your labor.
Plants take time to grow. There’s no such thing as instant maturity. No farmer goes out, plants the seed in the ground, comes back an hour later, digs it up, and expects it to have grown. You’ve just got to let it be. Leave it covered, and let God grow it in his time.
Galatians 6:9 says, “Let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up”.
Have a terrific Thursday 🙂

This Week at WBC

*SUNDAY – Sunday School for all ages at 10am, Morning Worship 11am, Evening Worship 6pm.


We are so excited to be underway with our Building Fund.
All your support to this ministry will be greatly appreciated and we know that Our Lord and Savior will greatly Bless You. You can give on our Walkerville Baptist Church App, webpage (www.walkervillebaptistchurch.com), or mail it to Walkerville Baptist Church, 3000 Walkerville Road, Blackshear, GA. 31516.
Balance: $67,167.48


*The nominating committee are working on the jobs, positions, etc for our upcoming church year which begins September 1st. If you would like to help out somewhere please get with one of them asap and let them help you find a place to serve. Committee members are: Tiffany Ross, John Ed Smith & Greg Carter.
*July 16-22 – The church office will be closed, in case of emergency contact Bro. Greg Carter.

*Anyone who needs to meet to discuss anything with the deacons, get with Stephanie and it will be arranged for you to sit down with the deacons on a Sunday at 4pm.  This will need to be done prior to the following deacons meeting on July 30 .

*WBC softball t-shirts, if you did not order one or maybe want another one, there is a signup sheet in the foyer please put your name and size down. Several people have asked if they can get one so we will try to do another order.
*Prayer Board – we have a prayer board in the foyer, please take a minute and write down any prayer request you have and clip it on the board. The names will be removed and added to the prayer list. This will also ensure proper spelling of names.
*We are now live streaming Bro. Greg’s sermons Sunday morning (11:15) and evening service (6:15) on Facebook so if you are home sick you can still be a part of the service.
*Download our ‘Walkerville Baptist Church’ App on your cell phone and you will have all information pertaining to the church, events, activities, devotions, prayer request and you can pay your tithes on the app. If you need any help see Stephanie.


Helpers for Sunday, July 22


*Nurseries during Worship Service (be there 10 min. early)
   AM: Nursery – Kandi, David & Kaleigh Crews
   Pre-School Children’s Church – Stephen & Paula Tuten
   Children’s Church – Lisa & Andrea
   PM: Ja & Candi Walker
*Overflow Room –Adult Class
*Treasurer Assistants: Carolyn & Bixbee
*Kitchen Duty: Young Adults



*Chuck McCook’s step-father        *Jesse Davis

*Monroe Stone                                    *Jodi King

*Rodgers family                                   *John Gill

*Carol Murray                                     *Unspoken Request

*Monroe Stone                                    *Dillian Thornton

*Harper Deal                                        *Anthony & Lydia

*Helen Cason                                      *Berenice Boatright

*Mason Thornton                                *Michael Peacock

*Betty Moody                                      *Christy Hawkins                               

*Mandy Boatright                               *WBC building project

*Will Bowen                                         *Sylvester Altman

*Becky Howell Griffin                       *Jeremiah’s family


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