August 21
Your Greatest Dream Is Still Possible By Rick Warren —
“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment” (1 John 4:18 NIV).
You’re capable of far more than you understand right now. You just need someone to believe in you. I have good news for you: Someone already does. When someone believes in you unconditionally, as God does, it releases you to take great risks. You have unfulfilled dreams in your life because you’ve been scared to death to go after them. You’ll die with unfulfilled dreams unless you let one truth really sink in: God loves you unconditionally. No matter who you are and no matter what’s in your past, God believes in you far more than you believe in yourself. That means fear doesn’t have to stop you anymore. The Bible says, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment” (1 John 4:18 NIV). Think you’ve blown it? Ready to throw in the towel on your dream? God’s love says to not be afraid to give it another shot. When I was in seventh grade, my family lived in Northern California, home to the redwoods. In my shop class, everyone was supposed to make something. I wanted to make a redwood table for my mom and dad. Unfortunately, I have zero artistic or crafting ability. I worked on that table for six months in our barn, but it was still a mess. One day, my dad heard me sobbing over my table in that barn. I told him of the mess I’d made of it. I wanted so badly for it to be nice, but it was awful. I’ll never forget what my dad told me: “Son, it’s okay. We can start over, and this time I’ll help you.” My dad was a master carpenter. I knew if he said he’d help, we would succeed. Your heavenly Father is telling you that today. You may have messed up. You may feel as if your dream is dead. But God says to you today, “It’s okay. We can start over, and this time I’ll help you.” And when God says he’ll help, you can do anything.
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Broken & Suffering Marriages
Ciera McInvale
Janice Spivey
Wayne Hutchinson
Bailey Dyess
Verna Dixon
Tiny Thomas
Andy Hayes
James Raulerson
Louie Osti
Jimmy Hiers
Linda Sue Jacobs
Ronnie Hair
Margaret Baxter
Norman Sainz
Dustin Cox
Chandra Peacock
Archie McEuen
Dallin Thornton
Skip Sasser
Randy Harris
Joey Manning
Jesse Davis
Marie Smith
Amris Bedford
Joseph Manning
Juanita McDuffie
Janice Thornton

This Week at WBC..

*WEDNESDAY – Bible Study for all ages at 7pm. Church conference to follow.
*SUNDAY – Sunday School 10am, Morning Worship 11am, Revelation Bible Study 6pm, Evening Worship 6pm
· Immediately following the morning service all First Responders will be meeting in the social hall.
· Wedding shower for Ethan Buchanan and Jade Faulk from 3-5pm in the social hall. They are registered at the following places: Amazon, Dogwood Memories in Blackshear, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Hart Jewelers.
· For our evening service we ask everyone to come at 5pm and help get goody bags together and then anyone who will go out to visit will be put in groups and do that. Everyone else are asked to have a time of prayer for the subdivision that we will be visiting. Kids are invited to go visit with their parents or they can stay at the church while parents are gone, someone will be there to watch them.


We are so excited to be underway with our building fund.  All your support to this ministry will be greatly appreciated and we know that Our Lord and Savior will greatly Bless You. You can give on our App, webpage, or mail it to WBC (address above).  Balance:  $114,836.33


*We will start two morning services on Sunday, September 1. Early Service at 8:30am, Sunday School 10am, Late Worship Service 11am.
We will only offer child care such as nursery and children’s church at the 11am service.
Our night services will remain as they have been.
*The nominating committee is working on teachers, positions, workers, etc. for the upcoming church year which begins September 1st. If you want to get involved in our church and serve please talk with one of the committee members. Committee members are: John Ed Smith, Tiffany Ross, Buddy Griner and Mark Griner.
Upcoming Events
*August 28 – Family Night Supper
*September 22-26 – Fall Revival; Sunday at 6pm, Monday-Thursday 7pm. Bro. Brad Waters will be our guest speaker. Music by The Bearded Moose.
*September 29 – Homecoming: Sunday School 10:30, Morning Worship 11:30, lunch to follow. No night services.
*October 6 – We are having a wedding shower for Ginny Aldridge and Austin Lairsey on September 29th at WBC. They are registered at, Dogwood Memories and Country Bumpkins.
*October 13 – Pastor Appreciation
*October 27 – Fall Festival
*December 14 – Big Doe Contest
Helpers for Sunday, August 19
Nurseries during Worship Service (be there 10 min. early)
*AM Nursery – Dana & Lanie
*Pre-School Children’s Church – Floyd & Deeann
*Children’s Church – Lisa W. & Hannah B.
* PM Nursery- Kristi & Brodie
*Overflow Room (Multi-purpose room) – Young Adult Class
*Overflow First Responder – Karen & Kyle
*Ushers – Hardy & Nick
*Treasurer Assistants: Andy K & Zoie
*Kitchen Duty: Adults

Who do I see concerning….

Sunday School – Mark Griner 288-6715
Music – Austin Moore 670-5302
Nursery – Tiffany Ross 288-6475
Youth – Mark Herrin – 670-4155
Kid’s Ministry – Beth Barber 282-6051
Women’s Ministry – Alta Lowman 387-8549
Daughters of the King – Bixbee Carter 614-2511
Men’s Ministry – John Cox 281-6606
Events, Occasions, etc. –Carrie Carter 253-0185             & Hannah Boatright 281-8887
Missions – Beth Barber 282-6051 & Lisa Waldron 614-1131
VBS – Bixbee Carter 614-2511
Facility Repairs/Work – Chuck McCook 282-9370 & Barney Crosby 269-8007
Office –Stephanie Murray 288-6460
Any others – Kevin Moore, Deacon Chairman, 281-4507


Pastor: Greg Carter
Secretary: Stephanie Murray
Address: 3000 Walkerville Road  Blackshear, GA
Church Office: 912-614-0463 Webpage: Email:
YouTube: WalkervilleBaptist  Hear Bro. Greg’s sermons here) Facebook: Walkerville Baptist Church
Instagram: walkervillebaptist
Twitter: @WalkervilleB       
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