You are welcome to become a member of Walkerville Baptist Church by any of the following means:

1. Profession of Faith 

Membership by profession of faith and baptism occurs when a person first makes a public expression of his/her faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and seeks baptism.

2. Statement Membership 

By statement is granted to a Christian who is not presently a member of another church.  If one has not been baptized, or has not been baptized according to immersion, he/she will be requested to experience baptism by immersion.

3. Letter Membership 

By transfer of letter is granted when a person moves his/her current membership from another church to Walkerville.  The former church, at our request, forwards confirmation of that person’s membership.

Any person seeking membership will talk to one of our pastors to discuss your decisions and the expectations of church membership.  Afterward, you are encouraged to openly share this decision with the church by coming forward during the invitation portion of the worship service.  Your name will then be presented for approval.  If you are unsure about this process or have questions, please feel free to contact the church at 912-288-6460 for further counsel.