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DEVOTION – December 11

“This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.” ~ Matthew 13:13 NIV
The general population is always a day late and dollar short.
They rely on “Breaking News” from media outlets or updates on social media for friends for revelation on things that are occurring in this world.
It’s not uncommon to see someone ignore all the signs along the road failing to realize destruction is ahead until it’s blatantly in front of them.
This is why God has given his children discernment. To be able to see in the spiritual what is taking place in the natural.
Lack of this discernment renders you dependent on your natural intuition, which is controlled by your flesh. You cannot rely on flawed flesh to expose flawed character.
Only discernment from the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus can do that. I’m not talking magic here. I’m talking about the ability to see and hear in the supernatural and adhere to it in the natural.
Haven’t you ever hugged someone and sensed something is wrong? How about listening to someone speak and the Holy Spirit puts it on your heart to start praying for them immediately? What about a stranger walking by you with a heavy spirit?
These are all instances that require you activate your discernment by being in tune with what the Holy Spirit is revealing to you.
The world waits for news. They wait for the obvious to be exposed and still ignore it. Righteous men rely on God for revelation through the Holy Spirit and take action.
Christ is never surprised by sin, neither should you be.
God will always prepare his children for what lies ahead. There are always spiritual, and natural, warning signs he flashes before destruction to protect His beloved children.
Today let your eyes watch and ears hear with discernment. Enabling understanding and wisdom in the natural be your daily navigator.
Let’s pray…
“Lord open my eyes and ears. I choose to walk in the light of Christ and not the darkness the world has to offer. I decide today to use my spiritual discernment to assess relationships, opportunities, my working environment, and new people that I cross paths with. Let me never be too caught up in my flesh and what feels good that I ignore what you reveal to me in the spirit realm. Father you know everything. As long as I stay connected with you I will always be in the know, and rarely caught off guard by the sinful nature of man. Open the eyes of the lost. Let the spiritually deaf hear your voice today. In Jesus name I pray, Amen” Men’s Daily Devotionals
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