WBC A2J (Addicted 2 Jesus) Yout

“The youth ministry of Walkerville Baptist Church exists to provide a place where youth can grow in their faith, serve others in love, bring lost friends into the family of Christ, enjoy time spent with other believers, and honor the Lord with our lives and worship.”

Youth have opportunities to minister through mission mission work, attending weekend camps, and other fun and ministry oriented events throughout the year. On Wednesday nights at 7pm, youth meet for their weekly time of fellowship and bible study. Challenging and practical studies are offered to help the youth grow closer in their walk with Christ  All youth from grades 6-12 are welcome to join us    


The Best Is Yet To Come
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone was trustworthy, honest, and kind? Just think how awesome it would be to do business and not worry you’re getting a bad deal? And wouldn’t it be reassuring if you could confide in someone, and trust that you won’t see it the next day all over Facebook? And how amazing it would be, if you could walk down the street anytime day or night and feel safe? But the truth is, there will not be equality, complete honesty, or safety as long as we live on this sinful earth. This world is not fair and it never will be until Jesus comes again! But there is “hope” while on this life’s journey because there is someone you “can” trust with all your heart and that person is your Best Friend Jesus! He will never let you down, deceive you or hurt you in any way! And the good news is – He loves you so much that He’s coming soon to take you home to heaven to live with Him for all eternity! Soon the things of this earth will pass away and you will never feel sad, discouraged, angry, or lonely ever again! You will be happier than you could ever dream possible for each day will be more glorious than the day before! Yes, heaven is worth waiting for – so no matter how bleak life looks today – stay faithful, and keep holding God’s hand . . . for the best is yet to come! Text: John 3:16, Deuteronomy 31:6, Psalm 9:10, 2 Samuel 7:28
Brenda Walsh Ministries
Youth Director: Bro. Mark Herrin
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