Devotion- July 30
God Can Put the Pieces Back Together
Nearly 40% of first marriages will end in divorce, according to a survey by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center. This is because marriage has become less meaningful for many in our culture.
There are lots of reasons for this, from the decline in moral values, to the depiction of marriage and family in entertainment and the media. The biblical view of marriage is under attack as “outdated,” and there’s a growing agenda to “redefine” marriage. No matter how society defines marriage, nothing will work like the original plan God gave us in His Word.
The courts and society make breakups easier to swallow by calling them “no fault” divorces, yet I now that God put the pieces back together again. He can heal homes and families.
No matter what the problem may be in your marriage or family, never count God out … because He has a plan and purpose for everything.
God created Adam and Eve, man and woman, to enjoy a beautiful relationship while completing their purpose in life.
Julia & Jonathan Sharpe Morgan, Tiffany, Madison & Mason Ross
Kristy Knowlton
Christy Douberly Shay Carter Horace Lowman
Dallin Thornton Laura Crews Tiny Thomas Janice Dixon
Al Boatright Linda Spence Carter Jones
Meagan Leslie Tony Thornton Jackie Chapman
Penny Gooden Shawn Smith Alvin Walker Jr.
Mikell Griffis Judy Courson Juanita McDuffie
John Thomas Christy Hawkins Wayne Hutchinson
Jeanette & Gary Jones Janice Spivey
Margie Duggan Donna Reynolds
Our military, their families, our president Kathleen Crawford
Everyone who comes in contact with COVID-19


*Wednesday evening Bible Study at 6:30. Adults meet in new Sanctuary. Awanas meet in the old Sanctuary.
*Sunday- Sunday School 9:00am; Worship Service 10:00am; NO Evening Services
Attention Youth & Youth Parents: D-Now is July 30th–July 31st. All parents of the youth need to meet with Mark immediately after the service this morning to get information about D-Now weekend. Boys will be staying at Duane & Stephanie Head’s house. Girls will be staying at Cody & Sara Metts’ house.
· Gathering of Men: Tuesday, July 13 @ 6:30. All men are invited & food is provided. The gathering will be at Drew Davis’s House located at 3623 Callahan Road, Mershon, GA
· WBC Daughters of the King Ministry would like to invite the ladies to our Friday Night gatherings at the home of Stephanie Murray. Time: 6:30 Dates: Sept 10th, Nov 12th, Jan 14th, March 11th. For more information contact Bixbee Wilsey 912.614.2511
· The Nominating Committee is working on new jobs & positions for the 2021-2022 Church Year. Please let one of the committee members know if you are interested. The committee members are: John Ed Smith, Buddy Griner, Mark Griner, & Ellen Cox.
· WBC Daughters of the King Ministry has scheduled the Spring Beach Retreat for 2022. Location: St. Simons Island Dates: Thursday, May 12th–Sunday, May 15th. Cost: $200 per person–pay now or with installments. For more information: Contact Bixbee Wilsey 912.614.2511
· Join our WBC Text Group to be sure you get updates, changes, urgent prayer requests, etc. right on your phone. If you are not receiving these, send a text to the church phone 912-288-6460 with your name, number and ‘add to the text group’. This is a sure way to always know what we are doing.
· April Watkins is now doing our master church calendar. Nursery workers,contact Deeann Russell. Ushers, contact Bradley Yarbrough. Children’s Church workers and all others call or text April (912-282-1663) if you cannot do what you were scheduled to or if you would like to help somewhere.
Helpers For Sunday, August 1
Nursery workers & Children’s church please arrive by 9:40am
AM Nursery – Erika, Jason, Kellyann
Pagers – Destiny & Aaron
Children’s Church – Bixbee & James
Continue to give to our building fund. All your support to this ministry will be greatly appreciated and we know that Our Lord and Savior will greatly Bless you. You can give on our App, webpage, or mail it to WBC (address above).
Remember you can mail your tithes & offerings and/or building fund offering to 3000 Walkerville Rd. Blackshear, GA 31516 or you can pay them on our WBC App or webpage at: If you need any help call Stephanie at 912-288-6460
Pastor: Greg Carter
Associate Pastor: Buddy Griner
Secretary: Stephanie Murray
Address: 3000 Walkerville Road Blackshear, GA
Church Office: 912-288-6460
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Who do I see concerning….
Sunday School – Mark Griner 288-6715
Music – Austin Moore 670-5302
Nursery – DeeAnn Russell 670-4251
Youth – Mark Herrin – 670-4155
Kid’s Ministry – Beth Barber 282-6051
Women’s Ministry – Kristi Griner 269-3601
Daughters of the King – Bixbee Carter 614-2511
Men’s Ministry – Floyd Russell 390-1945
Events, Occasions, etc. –Tiffany Ross 288-6475,
& Alisha Hyers 590-4019
Missions – Beverly Jones 590-5426 & Lisa Waldron 614-1131
VBS – Bixbee Carter 614-2511
Facility Repairs/Work – Chuck McCook 282-9370
& Barney Crosby 269-8007
Office –Stephanie Murray 288-6460
Any others – Kevin Moore, Deacon Chairman, 281-4507
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Walkerville Baptist Church
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Phone: 912-288-6460

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