(Women of Walkerville) 


We have an awesome WOW (Women of Walkerville) Ministry at Walkerville Baptist Church!  We want you, our sister in Christ, to be a part of this Ministry. 
WOW Ministry Director is Alta Lowman. 
Email address:
Alta is on FB as: Alta Lowman
You can also call the church at 912-614-0463


Just What the Doctor Ordered
When people become ill, the first they do is make an appointment with their doctor. And if he doesn’t know what’s wrong, he will send them to a specialist and sometimes it takes many different doctors in order to reach the correct diagnosis. It may take weeks or even months to get an appointment with the doctor that’s needed. However, there is one Doctor and only One – who has a “No Waiting Line” policy! You don’t have to make an appointment in advance and no referrals needed. No patient goes unseen and no insurance is required. In fact, all treatment is free of charge! Best of all, He is the Greatest Physician who knows absolutely everything and has all the answers to whatever is ailing you! Who is this incredible Physician, you ask? – well, His name is God! Be sure and get a daily spiritual checkup by spending time with Him. Tell Him all about how you are feeling, not just physically, but emotionally, and spiritually as well. God loves you so much and cares about every aspect of your life – which includes your physical health too! But don’t just seek God when you are sick – maintain a healthy, happy life by receiving His energizing boost of Holy Spirit power with your daily check up, giving you the strength and courage to face whatever life brings – in fact . . . It’s just what the doctor ordered! Text: Jeremiah 31:25, Psalm 23:3, Psalm 103:2-3, Jeremiah 30:17


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