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DEVOTION – August 21

“‘Here comes that dreamer!’ they said to each other.” ~ Genesis 37:19 NIV
Right after Joseph’s brothers spoke these word they plotted to kill him. Joseph’s brothers hated him because they saw he found favor in the eyes of their father. To make matters worse, Joseph expressed to them a dream he had and they took it as him claiming they would be slaves to him. This only made them hate him more.
Yet, the blessings of God were all over his life. Just think, out of all the things his brothers could have called him they chose “dreamer”. Even in their hatred there words became prophetic on behalf of Joseph! When people see you what do they call you?
The bible says a good name is worth more than great riches. The world will tell you a man is only as good as his name. In both cases, a good name is looked highly upon and recognized by many. As men, we have to be intentional about building a great name. A name that not only you will be proud of but your children will claim with pride as well.
Take some time today and think about what people have called you before you met Christ. Are they still calling you those same names? Then think about what you would like be called (or known as). What are you doing today that will warrant people to call you that tomorrow?
Let’s pray… “Jesus! The name above every name. I shout it in pride. There is no greater name than yours Father. There is healing, protection, strength, deliverance, love, provision, and so much more all in your name. Thank you for showing me the importance of a great name. Help me to live a life that establishes greatness. Not just for my own sake, but to continue to make your name great on earth as well. In Jesus name I pray, Amen Mens Daily Devotionals
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