“The youth ministry of Walkerville Baptist Church exists to provide a place where youth can grow in their faith, serve others in love, bring lost friends into the family of Christ, enjoy time spent with other believers, and honor the Lord with our lives and worship.”

Youth have opportunities to minister through mission mission work, attending weekend camps, and other fun and ministry oriented events throughout the year. On Wednesday nights at 7pm, youth meet for their weekly time of fellowship and bible study. Challenging and practical studies are offered to help the youth grow closer in their walk with Christ.

All youth from grades 6-12 are welcome to join us.



I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 3:14 (Holman)
Have you ever played sports at your school? Maybe you decided to try out for the basketball team. Once you made the team, you began to work hard to get in shape and went to all the practices. After weeks of drills and practice, when it became time to play another school in a game, did you expect to lose the game? Of course not. You worked hard to get in shape and practiced, and you did it expecting to win games. In basketball, your main goal is to win.
In the same way, we have a goal or calling in life. God has called us to do things for Him while we’re on earth. The specific things He wants us to do are different for each person, but you have a divine call or destiny for your life. You might be called to be an encouragement to someone, to a certain career or called into ministry. Regardless of what your calling is, it should be something that you are actively pursuing.
Youth Pastor: Bro. Buddy Griner
Leslie Owens – David Lowman – Terry Murray – Carolyn Owens
– April Watkins – Kandi Crews
Church Office: 912-614-0463
Church Email: walkervillebaptistchurch@gmail.com
Church Webpage: walkervillebaptistchurch.com